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Frequently asked questions

I am married since 2 months. Can I apply for divorce?

No. As per Hindu  Marriage Act, divorce cannot be applied within 1 year of the marriage.

Can a person involved in a bribe case, get a bail?

Yes, hecan apply for a bail. 

Can an anticipatory bail be cancelled?

Cancellation of Anticipatory bail is not possible, but a bail can be cancelled by the High Court based on certain grounds to meet the ends of justice.

How to deal with a dishonoured cheque? Will I get arrested?

You cannot be arrested for cheque bounce. It is a summons case. You need to appear in court answering a summons and get bail by Honorable Magistrate. 

My father expired without executing any will. Can my mother get a share in his property?

If it is self-acquired property of your father, your mother is entitled to get 1 share of the property. In case of ancestral property, this does not apply.

What should I do on receipt of summons from the court?

On receipt of summons from the court, you should appear before the court on the said date. Failing to appear, an warrant will be issued  against you.